Job Description

Scibe America is looking for experience-driven candidates who are pursuing careers in the medical field to join our team in the area of Walterboro, Summerville, North Charleston, SC. Our scribes work in the emergency department. We are offering both full time and part-time positions.

As a scribe you will:

· Accompany the healthcare provider into patient examination rooms in order to transcribe the patient’s history, physical exam findings, consultations, labs, X-rays, and other evaluations, as stated by the provider, directly into the medical record

· Maintain a comprehensive list of active patients to help the provider remain organized

· Prepare plans for follow-up care, as directed by the provider

· Process admitted and discharge paperwork

This is NOT an internship or a volunteer opportunity. Scribing allows you to shadow healthcare providers and get paid to do it while gaining rare clinical experiences that help you grow as a person and as a professional.


· Highly motivated and experience-driven

· Pre-health track (pre-med, pre-PA, pre-nursing) preferred

· At least 18 years old and sophomore status or higher

· Preferred GPA of 2.


· No clinical experience required to apply

· Ability to move about and follow a healthcare provider for extended periods of time

· Ability to work in a stressful and fast-paced environment

· Ability to read, write, comprehend through listening, and speak fluent English

· Ability to operate a computer and/or laptop through proficient typing, clicking, and viewing a monitor for extended periods



Company Description

ScribeAmerica essentially created the medical Scribe industry, we are the nation's most frequently used and largest professional scribe training and management company, present in over 2,000 healthcare facilities, in 50 states and employing more than 15,000 scribes. We have successfully completed medical scribe programs across a wide spectrum of local environments; rural hospitals, urban hospitals, teaching facilities, private practices, and highly political organizations. These successes provide us with expertise that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our medical scribes have been able to prove time and time again that they can master any electronic medical record system, while dramatically increasing physician productivity. We've even successfully pioneered the concept of using scribes to mitigate the decrease in efficiency during EHR implementation- the nation's first!

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